How to caption a selfie picture on Instagram

What is an Instagram caption?

Instagram captions is a written description of your photo on Instagram, to provide more context. Emoji’s, hashtag’s, and tags can also be included in Instagram captions. We all have the same feeling when we come up with the perfect Instagram caption. You can become a master by using these selfie quotes and captions for Instagram. There are nearly 100s of cool Instagram captions there.

How to write Instagram Captions?

1.    Instagram Caption Character Limit: There are some limits in writing a caption. It’s nearly 2,200 characters and about 33 words, give or take.

2.    Ask for something: Sharing posts with the most engagement tend to have Instagram captions that ask for something. You might ask for friend tags such as “tag a friend who’d like this movie.” You could also use your Instagram caption to ask a question such as “What do you think of this post?” And ofcourse, you can ask for purchase by asking people to click the link in the bio. By asking for something, you can engage your audience and strengthen your relationship with them.

3.    Use Easter Eggs as Emoji’s: If you have got a sizeable and loyal audience, you can use emoji’s to leave Easter eggs in your Instagram captions. Easter eggs are little hints that send a message across without explicitly saying anything.

4.    Include a call-to-action: the Best way to increase your posts share potential and engage your followers to have some sort of call-to-action in the caption of your photos.

Instagram will also suggest you some top hashtags to you based on popularity. When you type out some hashtags using # symbol followed by an incomplete search.


If you are creating some of new funny captions, then feel free to share them with us IN the comment section given below.

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