How to find deleted youtube videos

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites to share videos. Many people gather on YouTube to download their videos and see if they become viral on the Internet. Some even make their source of income through YouTube ads. It’s not surprising that many people create their own YouTube channel and download all kinds of videos, from music videos to product reviews, videos, and videos of all kinds.

As YouTuber, it is difficult to lose all the video on a YouTube channel due to accidental deletion. Not only the time dedicated to making videos, but also the risk of losing members. But before you worry, keep reading to learn several ways to recover deleted videos from YouTube to recover them.

Restore lost or deleted YouTube videos 2019 (100% working)

This is not the first time a YouTube user loses interesting videos on YouTube by mistake or by deleting or performing a fake operation. However, it remains difficult for some users to find lost YouTube videos and bring them back.

If you have a similar case and you cannot restore lost videos on YouTube, relax and just continue to recover deleted or lost YouTube videos with 100 solutions here.

You can selectively track the proposed method and recover lost videos now.

Recover lost or deleted YouTube videos from with a video link

  1. Access your YouTube registered email account and search for email information about previously uploaded videos (including those you’ve deleted).
  2. Find the video information and click on the video link to open it. (Surely, he will not be about to watch now).
  3. Use the Internet archive to find when the video was available.
  4. Then, on the link of your video in the search bar, click on “EXAMINE HISTORY”.
  5. Here you will find the download history of your video on YouTube and click on the exact date the video was uploaded.
  6. You can create a video and find all the information in your deleted or lost YouTube video. Then You can download the video and use it again for your YouTube.


If you are a passion and a source of income at the same time, you lose the video you have on your channel due to accidental deletion. The worst case scenario is that the video has the most views. On the other hand, it’s nice to know that there are some ways to recover deleted videos on a YouTube channel.

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