SPOTTED! | Look into HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics with SONICAM

October 18th -21st, world’s largest mobile electronics fair—-Global Sources Electronics Exhibition was held in Asia World-Expo. More than 2700 exhibitors from 100+ countries were attracted. SONROCK,Inc. attended this gala show with SONICAM Argus—-professional 3D 360 VR camera, which again, drew great attention in AR/VR Zone.

Equipped with 9 cameras and a whopping 64 microphones, SONICAM can capture 3D 4K imagery mapped to 3D ambisonics sound!

Real-time video stitching is done combining SONICAM’s proprietary algorithm, using FPGA as solution. It’s preview features enables overall control of the shooting, also saves you hours for post-production.

SONICAM Sales & Marketing Dept. Vice Director Sophia is in a live Interview.

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